Le vin

Le canton de Vaud est le deuxième plus
grand canton viticole avec 3’700 hectares, répartis sur cinq régions : La Côte, Lavaux, Chablais, Côtes de l’Orbe/Bonvillars et Vully. Lire la suite…

Passes (Alpenpässe)

Switzerland is famous for its alpine passes. Ever since people move around,
these passes are important pathways between the northern and the southern part
of Europe. Lire la suite…

Swiss rivers

The rivers of Switzerland lead to three different seas: The
Rhein with its tributaries Aare and Thur drain 67.7% of the
water into the North Sea. The Rhone and the
Ticino (after the Lago Maggiore called Po) drain 18% into the
Mediterranean Sea. The Inn drains 4.4% into
the Black Sea
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Swiss lakes

Switzerland hosts many lakes, from the large Lake Geneva to hundreds of tiny
little lakes in the mountains. There are also many dammed-up lakes, mainly to
drive water turbines of power plants
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Switzerland hosts about 20% of the Alps. Approximately 100 peaks are close to
or higher than 4000 meters (13125 feet) above sea level. Many mountain areas are
developed, there are trains, cog railways, aerial cable cars and other means of
transportation. Swiss mountains are famous for climbing, skiing, snowboarding,
biking, hiking and other recreational activities Lire la suite…

Area, Boundary…

Area: 41285 km² (approx. 10’201’746 acres or 15’940 square miles)
Boundary: 1882 km (1170 miles) Lire la suite…