Swiss rivers

The rivers of Switzerland lead to three different seas: The
Rhein with its tributaries Aare and Thur drain 67.7% of the
water into the North Sea. The Rhone and the
Ticino (after the Lago Maggiore called Po) drain 18% into the
Mediterranean Sea. The Inn drains 4.4% into
the Black Sea

The major rivers:

Name Length within Switzerland Catchment area Source Ends in or leaves Switzerland in
Rhein 375 km 27963 km² Oberalp (Vorderrhein) & San Bernardino (Hinterrhein) Leaves in Basel
Aare 295 km 17779 km² Grimsel Ends in Rhein near Koblenz, AG
Rhone 264 km 6947 km² Grimsel Leaves in Geneva
Inn 104 km 1792 km² Maloja Leaves in Vinadi (Engadin), GR
Thur 125 km 1724 km² Toggenburg Ends in Rhein near Ellikon, ZH
Ticino 91 km 1616 km² Nufenen Ends in Lago Maggiore, TI