Association for the Protection of Lake Geneva

The Association for the Protection of Lake Geneva (in french « Association pour la Sauvegarde du Léman » or ASL)
See detailA french-swiss association. It’s object is to preserve the water quality in the lake Geneva basin, i.e. rivers and waterways which spill into the lake. It acts through wide spread information campaigns, research and hard work in the field, e.g. the «Clean River Action» and the «Clean Lake Action».

The ASL is a not-for-profit association, and a recognized apolitical, scientific, public service with a present membership of 6’000. The aims of the ASL are to create an awareness among residents of the area, to identify the problems involved, and work toward their resolution.

The «Clean Rivers Action» (in french «Opération Rivières Propres» or ORP) and the «Clean Lake Action» (in french «Opération Léman Rives Propres» or OLRP) are to check 5’000 km of waterways pouring into Lake Geneva. Uncontrolled polluting sources and litter poison our water. These must be analysed, measured and counted. So far, 2’400 km have been inventoried by ASL volunteer teams following precise instructions, and completing simple chemical analyses on the spot using ASL material.

ASL undertakes the coordination, conclusion, publication and distribution of results to communal, cantonal and federal authorities, asking them to take all the necessary measures to restore as soon as possible the salubrity of the waters.

ASL is convinced that all contributions to a healthy environment today, are the finest legacy we can leave to tomorrow’s generations. We are therefore grateful for any encouragement.