Zebulon Roche and Claire Bernier

An interview with Zebulon Roche and Claire Bernier, the intrepid adventurers who this year completed their dream of flying from the highest summits of the world’s seven continents.
Zebulon and Claire are both 28 years old. Both have been members of the French national paragliding team, and Claire was Paragliding World Cup women’s champion in 1995, 1997 and 1998. Zebulon has been climbing and flying since he was a child, and climbed Everest when he was 17 years old.

Back to the grassy hillside, where I sat next Zebulon, Claire and their dog with my dodgy walkman and questions at the ready…
Hamish: So we’ll start with why did you start paragliding?

Zebulon: Well, I start paragliding after, actually, after seeing my daddy coming back from an expedition with this strange thing in his backpack. And so, after playing with this strange, ah, engine, I really fell, not fell in love with paragliding, but, I was just like a virus had me, and so…

Source: xcmag.com