Balloon Festival 19-27.01.2002

Château-d’Oex is first and foremost a mecca for hot-air ballooning. Its’ exceptional microclimate creates such ideal flight conditions that people flock to this part of Switzerland from all over the world.Every year, in the last week of January, Château-d’Oex hosts the world’s premier Mountain Hot-Air Ballooning event, with over 80 balloons participating from 15 different countries. A veritable spectacle of soaring colours and shapes.
During the whole week, more than 60’000 spectators come the Château-d’Oex and about 150 journalists from the world cover the event.

Highlights :
– Balloon launches on the week-ends at 10.30 am
– Special shapes and airships take-off
– Passengers flights, direct bookings on the event
– Wednesday : special children’s day. Free tethered flights
– « Night Glow », sound and light show on Friday evening
– Long distance competition « David Niven Cup »