Quadrocopter FPV – High Tension Wires

OpenPilot FC & Frankenquad black widow

Quadrocopter FPV 2012-02-18

Music: Howard Drossin – Battle With The Aegis (arranged by Professor Kliq)
FC CopterControl: openpilot.org
Black widow frame: frankenquad.com
Gopro2 (960p 50fps) on Fatshark Dominator goggles.
Turnigy 9x & DragonLink
Gaui 330x-s motor & ESC
Cossonay gare Suisse

Lac de Joux – Jura – 2012.02

Timelaps GoPro HD2 – One picture every one second
Time Lapse Assembler 30fps (876 photos)
Switzerland Suisse Vaud Jura – Lac de joux « Le Pont »
Altitude 1004m, profondeur maxi 32 mètres, surface 9,5 km2

Gopro HD2 night FPV vs CCD cam

Music: Professor Kliq « Plastic & Flashing Lights »
FC CopterControl: openpilot.org
Frame from frankenquad.com and quadframe.com
First part: Gopro2 (960p 50fps)
Second part: 540TVL High Resolution Mini CCD 0.01Lux from securitycamera2000.com
All on Fatshark Dominator goggles.
Location: EPFL Switzerland

QuadX FrankenQuad frame

Gopro2 (960p 50fps) on Fatshark Dominator goggles.
Turnigy 9x &DragonLink
FC CopterControl from openpilot.org
« Black widow » frame from FrankenQuad.com
Gaui 330x-s motor & ESC

CopterControl FPV Jakub frame



Lonay – Jakub Lunar lander frame